(Warning: I dictated this post to my laptop. You can expect errors and strange stuff along the way)

If you want to make a behavior easier, try doing it a lot. Over time, you will get better at doing the behavior.  But that’s not all. You will also (naturally) take steps to change your environment, or the tools around you, so the behavior becomes easier to do.

For example, I wanted to start drinking more green tea. The way I started was to boil water on the stove. This is time-consuming.  But after a few tries, and a few stressed frustrations, I decided to buy an expensive Japanese device that heats water for tea.  With this new toy in my life, it is much easier to make green tea. And I do it much more often. In fact these days I drink tea a few times today.

There are some exceptions, but generally the rule is this: The more you do the behavior, the easier it gets to do.


Right now, I am applying this world to posting to tumbler simply by talking to my devices. Yes, there are some frustrations. And I’m seeing that stuff I’m saying isn’t necessarily showing up just how I said it. But I trust that the more I do this behavior, and the more I learn about how to dictate to Apple devices, the easier it will get to do. 

And someday I may even make sense..

I probably should apologize to you, someone who is reading this post, that you will have to endure the mistakes and quirkiness of dictation.

About four weeks ago, thanks to someone who attended my persuasion boot camp, I started dictating to my Apple devices. 

In fact, right now I am dictating this post.

I wonder: can I do all of my writing in tumbler simply by talking to my devices?

My sense of things is that when I dictate the content is sort of boring compared to what I write and edit. 

But the process of talking is about 1/10 the work of typing things in. It’s a trade-off. At least for me.

Maybe I’ll give it a shot here. I will simply dictate my posts to tumbler.  So be warned: this post, and other post to follow, are likely just me blabbering to my computer.

(… with some very quick editing to clean up obvious errors)